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Denial of Social Security Lawyer

The SSA says You Make too Much Money

If your initial claim is denied, do not despair. The Social Security Administration denies over 60 percent of initial claims. Many people successfully appeal that initial decision.  There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration may deny your claim for benefits. The most common reason people are denied benefits is, when they apply, they earn too much money. The Substantial Gainful Activity limit for 2010 was $1,000 per month.

The SSA says You Will Not Be Disabled for a year

Your claim could also be denied if the Social Security Administration finds that your disability is not grave enough that it will last 12 months. For instance claims due to bone breaks following car accidents are denied because they will not cause disability for a year.

The SSA Says You Failed To Supply Enough Medical Records and Other Information

The SSA may deny your claim if you refuse to turn over your medical records to the agency. The SSA needs your cooperation if they request additional information about your condition or requests that a doctor contracted by the SSA examine you. If you do not cooperate with these requests, it is likely your claim will be denied.

The SSA Says You Did No Treat Your Medical Problem Correctly or You Failed to Follow Your Doctor's Orders

The SSA may also deny your claim for disability benefits if you do not follow your doctor's prescribed course of treatment. Additionally, the Social Security Administration may deny your claim for benefits if they are unable to track you down to talk to you about your application. If you hire a lawyer to handle your claim, you will not have to be in direct communication with the SSA but it is crucial to stay in touch with your attorney.

The SSA say You Have Been Convicted of a Crime

Under certain circumstances, the SSA may also deny your claim if you've been convicted of a crime. If you were injured while committing a felony you will not have a basis for receiving disability benefits. You also will not be able to receive benefits while you are in prison.

Social Security Denial Lawyers will Appeal Your Decision

A Social Security lawyer can review your claim and help you to respond using the appeals process. Statistics from the Social Security Administration show that you are far more likely to win your case if you are represented by a Social Security attorney.

Submit Your Application and Get a Social Security Denied Attorney Right Away

We can help direct you to a Social Security law firm with decades of experience representing clients that can help you through all stages of the appeals process. A Social Security lawyer will be well versed in how the system works and can describe your case in the most compelling way possible.

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