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Has a disability kept you from supporting yourself or your family? You may be eligible for help from the social security administration. Social security provides monthly payments to those who qualify. Work with an experienced Cincinnati social security attorney to give yourself the best chances of winning your claim. Cincinnati social security attorneys help our most vulnerable citizens qualify for social security disability benefits.

Helping you move forward: SSI and SSDI benefits

If you have already applied and been rejected for social security benefits, you are among the majority. Increase your chances of winning your Social Security claim by contacting an experienced Cincinnati Social Security lawyer. Your attorney should have the necessary experience to understand how to make out your best case. This may include working with your doctors, or having you seek a new cost-effective examination that can help make out your case. If you win your claim, you will be entitled to a monthly benefit payment from the federal government. In many cases, you can also qualify for medical care. For example, SSDI claimants can potentially qualify for Medicare benefits, while SSI claimants qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Qualified Cincinnati Social Security lawyers: are they expensive?

You do not have to have a pool of money to afford a social security lawyer. The usual fee structure of a social security lawyer is designed so that it is affordable for people who are not employed. Why are they affordable? Answer: they work on a “contingency” basis. That means they only get paid if you get paid. The government limits how much a social security attorney can charge you. They are limited to charging the lesser of: 25% of the back pay awarded to you, or a maximum of $6,000. So, an attorney cannot make more than $6,000 on your case, nor can he or she make more than 25% of the back pay owed to you. Thus, if you are awarded $20,000 in back pay, generally the max you can be charged is $6,000. By filling out the questionnaire on the left, an experienced Cincinnati Social Security attorney will contact you.

Education: SSDI versus SSI

SSI (Social Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security disability Insurance) are two separate programs that pay claimants who are disabled. The disability must prevent you from working for a year or more or result in death. While both programs are federal disability programs, they are quite different from each other.

SSDI: Federal Workers Insurance for the Disabled - Contact a Knowledgeable Cincinnati Disability Insurance Attorney Today

To qualify for SSDI monthly payments, you must establish a work history of paying into social security as well as a qualifying disability. So, not everyone qualifies for the SSDI program. Those who receive disability payments under SSDI may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Contact an experienced Cincinnati SSDI lawyer to learn about your options.

The federal SSI program – work with a qualified Cincinnati Disability Attorney

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI for short, is available for people who suffer from a disability regardless of work history. SSI is paid from general revenues, unlike the SSDI system. SSI beneficiaries may also qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps. They may also be eligible for additional income from the state. Contact your Cincinnati SSI lawyer to learn more.

Application to Appeal: the process - Cincinnati Disability Appeal Lawyer

You can apply online, in person, or over the phone for social security. You will be prompted to fill out a series of questions that require you to substantiate your disability. In the event that the government denies your social security application, you can appeal your case. At the appeal, you can represent yourself or your attorney can represent you.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:


Herniated Disc
Kidney cancer
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Loss of visual efficiency
Diabetes mellitus
Inflammatory bowel disease
Systemic sclerosis

Severe fractures of larger bones
Polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Weight loss due to any digestive disorder
Nephrotic syndrome
Thyroid gland disorders
Central nervous system vascular accident


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
Room 2000, 550 Main Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(800) 772-1213


Low Cost Hospitals

WinMed-City West
1202 Linn Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
(513) 242-1033
Price Hill Health Center
2136 W 8th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45204
(513) 357-2700
Drop-In Center
217 W 12th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 721-0643
Elm Street Clinic
1525 Elm Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 352-2927
Northside Health Center
3917 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
(513) 357-7600
Crossroads Health Center
5 E Liberty Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 381-2247
Millvale @ Hopple Street Health Center
2750 Beekman Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225
(513) 352-3192



Regency Hospital of Cincinnati
311 Straight Street, 4th Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
(513) 559-5900
The Christ Hospital
2139 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
(513) 585-2000
The University Hospital
234 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
(513) 585-6000
Cincinnati VA Medical Center
3200 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
(513) 861-3100
Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
(513) 862-2601
Select Specialty Hospital - Cincinnati
375 Dixmyth Avenue - 15th Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
(513) 487-4103
Children's Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
(513) 636-3333
Mercy Franciscan Hospital
3131 Queen City Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
(513) 389-5205


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