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Do you have a disability? Does that disability keep you from seeking gainful employment? Social security disability income, or “SSDI” for short, and “SSI”, supplemental security income, was created forthose who cannot work due to suffering from a disability. The federal SSDI and SSI system can be difficult to navigate. Whether you are a first time applicant or whether you have been previously rejected, an experienced Clarkesville social security attorney can help you. Clarkesville social security attorneys help our most vulnerable citizens qualify for social security disability benefits.

Helping you move forward: SSI and SSDI benefits

The statistics are not favorable for initial applicants. About 65% or more initial applicants are denied annually. Qualifying for social security benefits requires proof of your disability. Experienced Clarkesville social security lawyers understand how to present your evidence in the most favorable light. Successful claimants receive critical monthly payments from the federal government. SSI recipients can receive a monthly payment, food stamps, and potentially Medicaid to cover health care costs. SSDI recipients receive monthly payments based on the amount they paid into the system, among other factors. Also, SSDI recipients sometimes qualify for Medicare.

How much does a qualified Clarkesville Social Security lawyer cost?

You may be surprised to learn that a social security lawyer is quite affordable, even if you have no source of income. In most every case, social security lawyers work on a “contingency” fee. That means they only get paid if you win your social security benefits claim. Statutorily, social security attorneys can only make the following: the smaller amount of (1) 25% of back pay awarded to you, or (2) $6,000 total. The social security administration has to approve the amount of the attorney fees at the time you are awarded your benefits. There is no reason to contact an experienced Clarkesville Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

SSDI and SSI, which one is right for you?

When people refer to social security disability: they may either be referring to SSDI or SSI (Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income). Both programs are federal programs. Both programs provide benefits to disabled people who cannot work (for at least one year). They do have some important differences though. Its important to understand which one you may qualify for.

SSDI: Federal Workers Insurance for the Disabled - Contact a Knowledgeable Clarkesville Disability Insurance Attorney Today

SSDI pays disability payments to those who have a qualifying work history, who are disabled. For that reason, not everyone is eligible for SSDI. To qualify, you will have to show, in addition to proving your disability, that you have worked a certain percentage of your previous years (depending on your age). Medicare medical coverage is also available to some SSDI recipients. Contact your Clarkesville SSDI lawyer to learn more now.

SSI: a welfare-based program - Contact an experienced Clarkesville Disability Attorney

If you have no or too little work history, are disabled, and make below a certain threshold of money, you may qualify for SSI. SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a welfare-based program. The benefits are paid out of general tax revenues and are not contingent on your work history. The monthly benefit provides a basic amount, which may be enhanced by your state. You may also qualify for food stamps and Medicaid. You can contact an experienced Clarkesville SSI attorney by filling out the questionnaire on the left.

How do I apply, what can I expect?- Clarkesville Disability Appeals Lawyer

You can begin the application process online, in person, or by phone. The process can take a while because the number of applications is generally very high. Usually, you have to wait anywhere between three and six months, maybe longer. Once you get your results, you will either receive a notice of payments, or you will be denied. In which case, you can appeal the decision in person or have your attorney appear on your behalf.

The list below contains a few examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that have qualified previous applicants for a disability:


Chronic heart failure
Ischemic Heart Disease
Recurrent Arrhythmias
Congenital Heart Disease
Heart Transplant
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Anterior poliomyelitis
Muscular dystrophy
Peripheral neuropathies
Subacute combined degeneration
Hereditary telangiectasia
Coagulation defects
Sickle cell disease
Chronic thrombocytopenia

Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
155 Big A Road North
Toccoa, Georgia 30577

Low Cost Hospitals

Bjc Medicine Center
1244 Historic Homer Highway
Homer, Georgia 30547
(706) 677-2250

Union County Health Dept
55 Hughes Street Suite A
Blairsville, Georgia 30512
(706) 745-4118
Union County Medical Clinic
170 Hospital Circle Suite A
Blairsville, Georgia 30512
(706) 745-2158

Northeast Georgia Medical Center
597 South Enota Drive Northeast
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
(770) 538-7777


Habersham Medical Center
541 Historic Highway 441
Demorest, Georgia 30535
(706) 754-3113

Stephens County Hospital
163 Hospital Drive
Toccoa, Georgia 30577
(706) 886-6841
Chestatee Regional Hospital
227 Mountain Drive
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
(706) 864-6136

Cobb Memorial Hospital
521 Franklin Springs Street
Royston, Georgia 30662
(706) 245-5034

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