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Do you suffer from a disability that prevents you from making a living? Social security may provide the solution. The social security system is not always easy to work with. That is why there are experienced Concord social security attorneys. Whether you have been rejected for benefits, or if you have yet to apply, an experienced Concord social security disability attorney can increase your chances of success. To speak with an experienced Concord social security attorney as soon as possible, fill out the form on the left. You’re just a click away.

Your SSI or SSDI application: it makes a big difference

The statistics show that the majority of initial applications are denied: between 65% and 70%. Qualifying for social security benefits requires proof of your disability. Experienced Concord social security lawyers understand how to present your evidence in the most favorable light. For many, losing their social security claim has devastating consequences. Those who are disabled who do not have an alternative source of income potentially face homelessness. The SSI and SSDI systems provide monthly payments from the federal government for our most vulnerable citizens. These payments can cover the cost of living, and in some cases the SSI and SSDI systems also provide medical coverage.

How do people afford to pay qualified Concord Social Security lawyers?

You do not have to have a pool of money to afford a social security lawyer. The usual fee structure of a social security lawyer is designed so that it is affordable for people who are not employed. When you hire a social security attorney, you only pay them attorney fees if you win your claim. So, you only pay if you get paid. Social Security regulations set a cap for attorney fees. As of June 2009, the cap is $6,000. Also, attorneys can only receive their money from the past due benefits awarded to you, a max of 25%. So, the most a social security lawyer can charge is: the smaller amount of 25% of your past due benefits or $6,000. There is no reason to contact an experienced Concord Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Who qualifies for SSI and SSDI?

The Social Security system was created in part, to provide disability payments to our most vulnerable citizens: those who cannot work due to an injury. The injury must keep you from working for at least a year or more. Under the system, there are two types of disability programs: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both are explained below.

SSDI: Federal Workers Insurance for the Disabled - Contact a Knowledgeable Concord Disability Insurance Attorney Today

SSDI is a program for Americans who have a work history. To qualify, you must be disabled, and have worked and paid into the social security system for a fraction of the previous years (the number of years depends on your age). SSDI recipients may also qualify for Medicare. If you think you may qualify for SSDI, contact an experienced Concord SSDI attorney soon to discuss your options.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach aqualified Concord Disability Attorney

SSI, unlike SSDI, is a welfare-based program that pays those with disabilities, regardless of their work history. To qualify, claimants must make less than a minimum threshold of income (a very small amount). Those who qualify may also be eligible for food stamps, and Medicaid. Learn more now and contact an experienced Concord SSI attorney.

Proving your disability: the process of applying and appealing your decision - Concord Disability AppealAttorney

You can start your application for social security online, in person, or by phone. The review process can take more than six months in some cases. Once you get your results, you will either receive a notice of payments, or you will be denied. In which case, you can appeal the decision in person or have your attorney appear on your behalf.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:


Personality Disorders
Peripheral Neuropathies
Liver Damage
Somatoform Disorders
Mental Retardation
Affective disorders
Lung Transplant
Lung Infections
Traumatic Brain Injury
Organic Mental Disorders
Depressive Syndrome

Local SSA Office

Social Security Administration
70 Commercial Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
(603) 224-1939

Low  Cost  Hospitals

Triangle Medical Clinic
2075 South Willow Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 645-1102

Capital Region Family Health Center
250 Pleasant Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
(603) 225-5567
Salem Health Center
32 Stiles Road
Salem, New Hampshire 03079
(603) 890-1377

New England College Wellness
24 Bridge Street
Henniker, New Hampshire 03242
(603) 428-2253

Concord Hospitals

Elliot Hospital
One Elliot Way
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103
(603) 669-5300

Catholic Medical Center
100 McGregor Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03102
(603) 668-3545
Concord Hospital
250 Pleasant Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
(603) 227-7000

New Hampshire Hospital
36 Clinton Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
(603) 271-5300

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