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Has a disability kept you from supporting yourself or your family? You may be entitled to benefits under the social security disability income system. The system is designed to provide benefits to citizens who cannot work due to disability. By working with an experienced Grand Rapids social security attorney, you stand a better chance of qualifying for social security benefits. If you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working, it may be time to work with a social security attorney now. Contact an experienced Grand Rapids social security attorney today by filling out the form on the left.

The saving power of the SSI and SSDI system

Approximately 65% or more initial applicants are denied social security benefits. An experienced Grand Rapids social security lawyer can increase your odds of success. Your attorney should understand how to make your best case. Your attorney can also represent you on appeal. An experienced Grand Rapids social security lawyer will look over your file, and help you make any additions and corrections necessary to best highlight the nature of your disability. Winning your claim can mean the difference between homelessness and no medical care, and having a safety net of a monthly benefit payment and life-saving medical care. Those who qualify could potentially receive the following in addition to monthly payments: Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps, depending on your circumstances.

How much does it cost to hire a qualified Grand Rapids Social Security Lawyer?

Just about anyone can afford a social security lawyer. Unlike many other types of attorneys, social security lawyers do not require you to pay big out of pocket expenses. When you hire a social security attorney, you only pay them attorney fees if you win your claim. So, you only pay if you get paid. Social Security regulations set a cap for attorney fees.  As of June 2009, the cap is $6,000. Also, attorneys can only receive their money from the past due benefits awarded to you, a max of 25%. So, the most a social security lawyer can charge is: the smaller amount of 25% of your past due benefits or $6,000. There is no reason to contact an experienced Grand Rapids Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

What is the Social Security Disability system? Education

SSI (Social Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security disability Insurance) are two separate programs that pay claimants who are disabled. The disability must prevent you from working for a year or more or result in death. While both programs are federal disability programs, they are quite different from each other.

SSDI: The Federal Program for Those With a Work History – Connect with a Knowledgeable Grand Rapids Disability Insurance Attorney Immediately

To receive payments under the SSDI plan, you must have worked a percentage of the previous years (depending on your age). Thus, only those with a work history can qualify. Beneficiaries may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Speak with an experienced Grand Rapids SSDI lawyer to learn more.

SSI – Work with an experienced Grand Rapids Disability Attorney

SSI is truly a last line of defense for those who are disabled and have no money. SSI is welfare-based, which means that it is paid out regardless of your work history (unlike SSDI). SSI recipients receive monthly checks, and may also qualify for aid from the state, food stamps, and Medicaid. Don’t wait. Contact an experienced Grand Rapids SSI lawyer today.

Application to Appeal: the process - Grand Rapids Disability Appeal Lawyer

You can start your application for social security online, in person, or by phone. The review process can take more than six months in some cases. You can have your case reviewed by an appeal panel if you are initially denied social security benefits.

Below is a list of some of the types of illnesses and injuries that can qualify for a disability under Social Security:


Severe arthritis
Affective disorders
Peripheral arterial disease
Soft tissue sarcoma
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Undifferentiated and mixed connective tissue disease

Cerebral Palsy
Muscular dystrophy
Parathyroid gland disorders
Loss of speech
Hearing Loss
Open Head Injury
Alport’s Syndrome


Local SSA Office

Social Security Office
3045 Knapp Street Northeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525
(877) 319-5710


Low Cost Hospitals

West Side Health Center
669 Stocking Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
(616) 235-1480
Catherine's Health Center
1211 Lafayette Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505
(616) 336-8800
Pine Rest Wyoming Clinic
2215 44th Street Southwest, Suite 100
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49519
(616) 252-8371
Primary Healthcare
494 W 17th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423
(616) 396-8856



Pine Rest Christian Hospital Inc.
300 - 68th Street Southeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501
(616) 455-5000
Spectrum Health
750 Fuller Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 486-3691
Saint Mary's Health Care
200 Jefferson Avenue Southeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 685-5000
Spectrum Health
100 Michigan Northeast, Mail Code 84
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
(616) 391-1615
Grand Rapids Va Outpatient Clinic
3019 Coit Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505
(616) 365-9575


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