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Is it time you spoke with a Social Security lawyer in Long Island, New York?

Do you suffer from a disability that prevents you from making a living? Social security may provide the solution. The social security system is not always easy to work with. That is why there are experienced Long Island social security attorneys. Whether you have been rejected for benefits, or if you have yet to apply, an experienced Long Island social security disability attorney can increase your chances of success. If you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working, it may be time to work with a social security attorney now. Contact an experienced Long Island social security attorney today by filling out the form on the left.

You may be entitled to benefits: the SSI and SSDI program at a glance

The statistics are not favorable for initial applicants. About 65% or more initial applicants are denied annually. An experienced Long Island social security lawyer can increase your odds of success. Your attorney should understand how to make your best case. Your attorney can also represent you on appeal. An experienced Long Island social security lawyer will look over your file, and help you make any additions and corrections necessary to best highlight the nature of your disability. If you win your claim, you will be entitled to a monthly benefit payment from the federal government. In many cases, you can also qualify for medical care. For example, SSDI claimants can potentially qualify for Medicare benefits, while SSI claimants qualify for Medicaid benefits.

How do people afford to pay qualified Long Island Social Security lawyers?

Most people can actually afford a social security lawyer, even those without jobs. Why are they affordable? Answer: they work on a “contingency” basis. That means they only get paid if you get paid. Thankfully, the government has placed restrictions on how much a social security lawyer can charge a claimant. Specifically, they cannot charge you more than 25% of the past due benefits that are awarded to you. Even then, that 25% figure cannot exceed $6,000 total. So, claimants are always protected by the social security system. There is no reason to contact an experienced Long Island Social Security lawyer. Just fill out the questionnaire on the left.

Who qualifies for SSI and SSDI?

The Social Security system was created in part, to provide disability payments to our most vulnerable citizens: those who cannot work due to an injury. The injury must keep you from working for at least a year or more. Under the system, there are two types of disability programs: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both are explained below.

SSDI - Contact an experienced Long Island Disability Insurance Attorney Now

To qualify for SSDI monthly payments, you must establish a work history of paying into social security as well as a qualifying disability. So, not everyone qualifies for the SSDI program. Those who receive disability payments under SSDI may also qualify for Medicare coverage. Contact an experienced Long Island SSDI lawyer to learn about your options.

SSI: You may qualify - Reach a qualified Long Island Disability Attorney

If you have no or too little work history, are disabled, and make below a certain threshold of money, you may qualify for SSI. SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a welfare-based program. The benefits are paid out of general tax revenues and are not contingent on your work history. The monthly benefit provides a basic amount, which may be enhanced by your state. You may also qualify for food stamps and Medicaid. You can contact an experienced Long Island SSI attorney by filling out the questionnaire on the left.

How do I apply, what can I expect?- Long Island Disability Appeals Lawyer

Applicants can begin the process in multiple ways: online, over the phone, and in person. The government takes around four to six months to review your case. In the event that the government denies your social security application, you can appeal your case. At the appeal, you can represent yourself or your attorney can represent you.

The following are a few examples of the types of injuries and illnesses that have previously qualified as a disability:

Thyroid gland disorders
Multiple Myeloma
Lung Infections
Peripheral Neuropathies
Liver Damage
Personality Disorders
Kidney cancer
Lung Transplant
Autistic Disorder

Local SSA Office

Social Security Administration
4215 Crescent Street
Long Island City, New York 11101
(800) 772-1213

Long Island Hospitals

Metropolitan Hospital Center
1901 First Avenue
New York, New York 10029
(212) 423-6501

  The Mount Sinai Hospital
100th Street and Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10029-6574
(212) 241-5719
Lenox Hill Hospital
100 East 77th Street
New York, New York 10075
(212) 434-2000

Manhattan Psychiatric Center
600 East 125th Street - Ward's Island
New York, New York 10035
(646) 672-6000

If you do not have any healthcare insurance or any other ability to pay, there are facilities that probably will treat you in Long Island They are:

Psychotherapy Consultation Center
1430 2nd Avenue Room 109
New York, New York 10021-3313
(212) 772-1200

Choices Women Mental Health Center
2928 41st Avenue
Long Island City, New York 11101-3303
(718) 786-5000
Parkmed Easter Womens Center
44 East 30th Street
New York, New York 10016-7374
(212) 683-4100

Brain Clinic The
19 West 34th Street PH
New York, New York 10001-3006
(212) 268-8900

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